YouTube Launch!

Hello fans, customers, employees and curiosity seekers! We are pleased to announce that Collegiate Entrepreneurs has launched it's very own YouTube channel! Specifically, we will be launching our own "Meet the Team" video series with different installments being released over the course of the month. Each video takes the viewer into the life of a Branch Manager which gives an in depth look into who they are as students, and highlights the different experiences they have obtained from being a member of our company. Every student in our program comes to us from a different path, but it's the Collegiate Experience that brings them together. #EntrepreneurialSpirit

New England FUN Day

chris and group playing batmitten Cooking Eric cooking Office Ladies Chris volleyball Team Kant Team Eddins

Last Thursday Collegiate Entrepreneurs had its annual FUN day for the New England region. The following teams were in attendance: Donovan, Eddins, Garner, Kant, Labrie and Sullivan. The executives had a great day having fun with their managers and the office staff. Some highlights include: Chef Eric behind the grill cooking up a storm of burgers, hotdogs, etc. as well as Vice President Chris Sullivan playing and attempting to win a game of volleyball against some other execs and managers.

Everyone arrived around 11am and swam in Houghton’s pond, played football games, met other Branch Managers while some had volleyball games. This lasted for a few hours until everyone came together for lunch which was followed by a meeting conducted by Eric. He went over some logistical things, but also inspired our students to be the best managers they could be by offering them tips on how to do so. After this two hour session, they finished the day with some more free time. Some teams actually then went out to dinner together that night for some more team bonding! It was such a great event because each team could be together and release some inner stress that of course comes along with running your own business. They got to experience team work and have tons of fun doing so!

FUN Friday: Hippie and Tie-Dye-ing

New Image3New Image2New ImagePre Tie-Dyeing!Pre Tie-Dyeing!Pre Tie-Dyeing!

Today is our next installment of our FUN Friday tradition here in the office, complete with Hippie costumes, peace signs, tye-dye and all! Executive Shri Kant and Branch Managers Seth Smith and Jessica Darrach joined us for the fun!

We have set up this new weekly occurance of a company wide FUN Friday to promote teambuilding and group work... all leading towards accomplishing a common goal! The idea of teamwork is a huge component to who we are and what we do at Collegiate. We all work as a unified group, and help each other out to make sure things get done. Collegiate Entrepreneurs is really invested in making sure our students in our program of course learn as much as they can about being an entrepreneur in the business world, but even more so, we try to illustrate that it is important to have some fun and enjoy the experience as well. These FUN Friday's really do so much in terms of company development... be on the look out for next week's wacky theme!

LINKEDIN: Our New Collegiate Entrepreneurs Company Page

Good morning everyone! All of us here at Collegiate are pleased to announce that we have created and launched our very own LinkedIn company profile page! LinkedIn is a very important component to the online business world, and it's vital for our program to exist on such a competitive platform. We are very excited about yet another move to increase our presence in the growing social media world, and ivite you to connect with us. The link to the page is below and if you have a profile, "follow" our page for updates on our company, job opportunities, etc. Furthermore, if you are or were one of our employees, please re-link the section of your profile of your time at CE with the new page by editing and "updating" "the company name." Once this is done, you will recieve an invitation to our new CE Alumni Group within LinkedIn from our Marketing Manager Dan Cormier, which is a great way to facilitate networking and staying connected to your CE roots!


Welcome to Our New Office!

Long-time-no-post! We apologize for not posting in a couple of weeks, but we have now since moved into our new office space and are finally settled in. Additionally, we are heading into the heat of the summer when the office is busier than ever! We wanted to take some time to showcase the new headquarters for Collegiate Entrepreneurs because we are very pleased with our move. The Forbes Business Center has been an amazing location for us which is located right off of the highway in Braintree MA. We are located on the first floor in Suite 108.

Our new space offers an up-to-date office environment with an open concept floor plan. We have three “private” offices complete with open doors and windows, and a large open foyer for Donna, our Payroll Administrator, and Dan our Marketing Intern. Everyone can openly converse and act as a team to make sure things get done. We are constantly hoping into each others’ different projects and leave the day's end feeling a sense of teamwork and accomplishment. It's an awesome set up complete with a kitchen/break room, a conference room, and a student lounge. Additionally, the building has multiple larger conference rooms to use, which is great for us-especially during our Executive meetings! 220 Forbes Road is our new home and did we mention that we absolutely Love IT?!

A Moving Testimonial

Tucker Robinson-Testimonial

About a week ago, we received a letter from Tucker Robinson, a Veteran Branch Manager at Collegiate Entrepreneurs, that proved to be very touching and moving. The link is attached for you to read and experience yourself. Robinson has just graduated from Quinnipiac University and will start as an Ad Sales Coordinator for The Wall Street Journal later this month. He outlines his time at Collegiate as an "experience, although the hardest of your life, makes you grow more than any other. The skills and lessons you learn with this company translate to almost every other aspect of your life and make you smarter, stronger, and more driven." He also explained "to [his] interviewers that [he] became the marketer, the salesman, the manager, the hirer, the firer, the accountant, the painter, and everything else under the sun."

This testimonial from a dedicated member of the Collegiate family is a testimate to how much this program really does for our young entrepreneurs. Yes, we are a painting service, but even more-so, we are an internship-like entrepreneurial experience that provides young men and women with the tools to start, grow and run their own business. It's truly a one of a kind experience and is something that evidently makes a huge impact on the students that are involved. Thank you Tucker for this letter, it truly illuminates what we are trying to accomplish here at Collegiate and illustrates the importance of what we do here everyday. We wish you all the best in your exciting new position at The WSJ!

-Your Collegiate Team