Thank you so much for considering Collegiate Entrepreneurs during this important process of choosing the right company to paint your home.

We at Collegiate Entrepreneurs have discovered that exterior and interior painting is a growing market for aggressive painting contractors. We also recognize the needs of this market can only be satisfied with competent, responsible and reliable workmanship. These characteristics reflect the very core of our philosophy that focuses on employing enthusiastic, hard-working and goal-oriented students — the type of people you would want to hire upon their graduation. We begin with the most thorough work done in surface preparation, continue with a high quality, professional paint job, and finish with a painstakingly cleaned jobsite upon completion. Collegiate Entrepreneurs will impress you with its commitment to quality.

Collegiate Entrepreneurs is a fully licensed and insured professional painting contractor. We have the experience, equipment and manpower necessary to undertake and accomplish any size painting project. All of our painters have undergone extensive training in paint technology and are certified by Sherwin-Williams, recognized industry wide as the top producer of high quality paints. Furthermore, Collegiate Entrepreneurs’ commitment to quality is fully backed by our written one-year guarantee that covers both materials and workmanship.

Our entire management team reviews all of our estimates. Use of this process has proven to be extremely successful in providing our customers with very competitive, accurate bids. Our ability to make accurate measurements of the real costs involved in completing your painting requirements, coupled with our commitment to customer satisfaction all the while offering a very competitive bid, makes Collegiate Entrepreneurs the wisest choice for your painting needs.

We are confident that Collegiate Entrepreneurs is everything you need in a painting contractor. We combine the enthusiasm of youth with the gained expertise of many years in the painting industry.