Quality Control

“Quality over quantity” is a saying that everyone knows, but how many actually live by it? In the painting industry is easy to think that “quality” is a fresh paint job. Yet quality is much more than something you can achieve with just a brush. From interacting with customers or coworkers to cleaning up a job; every aspect of your work should reflect the image you want to be displaying. So put everything you got into every task no matter the size. At the end of the day you will be proud of your final product.

Summer '14 Intern Intro

Hello everyone I figured I would give a little introduction since I will be handling the blog for the next couple months. First off my name is Timothy Bernabeo and I am a Junior at Suffolk University in Boston, MA. I wanted to intern here at CE Paint because I loved the business model and the fact that it helped kids my age get an idea of what the world of business is like. I am looking forward to spending the summer here and hopefully learning a bunch too!

Independence Day Inspiration!

With July 4th in just a few days, I feel it is helpful to look at some words of this country's founding fathers to help inspire and motivate anyone in the business field. Benjamin Franklin once said, "Applause waits on sucess." So get out there and achieve your goals! Sitting back certainly didn't help create this great nation and it's not going to help you either!