A Moving Testimonial

Tucker Robinson-Testimonial

About a week ago, we received a letter from Tucker Robinson, a Veteran Branch Manager at Collegiate Entrepreneurs, that proved to be very touching and moving. The link is attached for you to read and experience yourself. Robinson has just graduated from Quinnipiac University and will start as an Ad Sales Coordinator for The Wall Street Journal later this month. He outlines his time at Collegiate as an "experience, although the hardest of your life, makes you grow more than any other. The skills and lessons you learn with this company translate to almost every other aspect of your life and make you smarter, stronger, and more driven." He also explained "to [his] interviewers that [he] became the marketer, the salesman, the manager, the hirer, the firer, the accountant, the painter, and everything else under the sun."

This testimonial from a dedicated member of the Collegiate family is a testimate to how much this program really does for our young entrepreneurs. Yes, we are a painting service, but even more-so, we are an internship-like entrepreneurial experience that provides young men and women with the tools to start, grow and run their own business. It's truly a one of a kind experience and is something that evidently makes a huge impact on the students that are involved. Thank you Tucker for this letter, it truly illuminates what we are trying to accomplish here at Collegiate and illustrates the importance of what we do here everyday. We wish you all the best in your exciting new position at The WSJ!

-Your Collegiate Team

New FUN Fridays!

The rainy day won't get us down! Our first FUN Friday here in our new office!

The rainy day won't get us down! Our first FUN Friday here in our new office!

We started a new FUN Friday tradition here at Collegiate Entrepreneurs in our new office! Although the weather is cold and rainy outside, the atmosphere is still positive and happy in here! Just wait until you see next week's theme!